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    Mental Health Awareness Month

    Mental health is just as much of a priority as physical health. The two are equally important to living well. And while we acknowledge May as Mental Health Month, we know the work is one day at a time all year round.

    We remind you of tried-and-true self-care strategies and nudge you to implement them into your daily or weekly routine. This year has been hard and building ourselves back up is vital to personal and relational well-being.

    We also encourage you to invest in mental health services if needed. Encompass offers traditional in-person counseling, telemental health services, case management and psychiatric care services. Or perhaps this is your year to try something new like equine therapy at One Heart Stables.

    We also invite you to speak out against mental health stigma. There are many individuals and families in need of services, but are not yet willing to reach out because of fear or shame. The way we talk about mental health and treatment could help someone finally take the step to receive support and change their future in a positive way.

    We believe that healing happens in relationship. Change is possible when we realize we aren’t alone. We are honored to walk with clients as they work toward their goals. We are here for you and we wish you continued progress.

    For more information, please visit our services page or call 330.345.7949.


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