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Telemental Health Services Now Available

As part of our evolving response to COVID-19, Encompass Counseling is pleased to now offer telemental health services to our clients. This optional virtual solution is an alternative to coming into the office to receive counseling and case management services.

For existing clients, this means if you desire to keep social distance or if staying home would decrease stress or anxiety at this point, you can continue receiving services without coming into our offices.


These virtual services are completed via secure video conference or telephone sessions via Zoom technology:

  • Zoom is FREE to all clients. Clients must provide internet access and a valid email address.

  • Use your smart phone, tablet or computer (smart phone/tablet may be easiest).

  • You, the client/guardian, will receive an e-mail from Encompass/CCHO with a private link to be opened in a web browser or in the Zoom app (if you choose to download it).

  • Zoom is secure communication through Encompass/CCHO; however, you are strongly encouraged to take caution to protect your privacy with regard to your location during the online therapy session.


***Each individual client will need to sign and date a separate informed consent form for telemental health***

Existing clients should receive information about these services, including Informed Consent form(s) and a self-addressed stamped envelope to return the form(s), in the mail. If your service provider hasn’t already contacted you, call the office you normally call for appointments and ask to utilize this service. Contact details for each office can be found here.

New Client?

Please note: If you are a new client interested in utilizing our telemental health services, please call the Encompass office nearest you to schedule your first appointment, or fill out the contact form on our Connect page. You will then be able to opt into the telemental health program during your intake process.

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