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    Adult treatment is focused upon meeting the client’s holistic needs and may include the following: marriage counseling; family counseling; case management; trauma and attachment treatment; behavioral management; and inclusion of faith beliefs. We accept clients referred from inpatient, intensive-outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs as well as new clients just beginning their journey to recovery.


    Children/Teens struggling with current substance use and/or experimentation will find help in identifying their reasons for use and the inherent risks of using upon their health, relationships, and overall functioning. Treatment can include family sessions, psychoeducation, group therapy, case management, trauma and attachment therapy, and other expressive therapies that assist the child/teen to build understanding and healthier coping skills.

    Family treatment focuses upon the repairing of relationships and trust that addictions have damaged and facilitating stronger attachments between caregivers and the child/teen. Our staff will help the caregiver learn skills to assist in prevention and support the journey of sobriety in addition to providing support for the caregiver. In-home services are available based upon need and staff availability.

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    Start Your Recovery Today

    No matter the starting point, we believe that sobriety and recovery are goals that all individuals can attain through empathetic, therapeutic treatment.

    We offer substance use treatment for both adults and children that facilitates use-cessation and building healthier coping skills into daily living. Our treatment focuses upon the underlying motivators for using substances, co-occurring mental health issues, and facilitating changes in both behaviors and environmental factors that contribute to addictive behaviors. Treatment is tailored to each client’s needs and encompasses both case management and outpatient therapy. We also offer treatment for behavioral addictions such as pornography, sex, electronic use, shopping, etc.

    When the pressures of family life become overwhelming, help is on the way

    Substance Use Treatment can offer:

    • Trauma & attachment treatment 

    • Behavioral management

    • Group therapy

    Substance Use Treatment

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