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    Help from Home

    In this time of high stress and uncertainty, your mental health is more important than ever. Get the help you need without having to leave your home with our Telemental Health services.

    Home-based counseling services are available to families as an intensive treatment resource for high-need children and families. Home-based counseling provides ongoing therapy and support services in the natural settings of the child and family in order to stabilize families and prevent family disruptions.

    Services are child-specific, strengths-based and focus on the whole child. Children are seen in relation to their mental health needs and their environmental supports and barriers. Families are supported and provided with education, support, consultation and therapy. As needed, a treatment team will help the family with coordination and consultation with schools, physicians, churches and social service agencies. These services extend to foster families at the same intensive level when needed.

    When the pressures of family life become overwhelming, help is on the way

    Home-based therapy can offer:

    • Individual therapy

    • Family therapy

    • Behavior management instruction

    • Crisis management support

    • Connections with other services

    Home-Based Therapy

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