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    Taking care of your mental health

    As we recognize May as Mental Health Month two months into the COVID-19 health crisis, our services may look different but our heart remains the same. Our hope is that each one of you experiences your worth in Christ.

    In this time of high stress and uncertainty, your mental well-being is more important than ever. We encourage you to take extra care of yourself (as well as show yourself and your loved ones an extra helping of grace). Self-care strategies are unique for each person just like your personality. Each of the following tips are helpful to your perspective and wellbeing. Life is complicated right now; find what works best for you and your family.

    Drink water.

    Exercise formally or informally – move your body to happy tunes in your living room or enjoy a walk/jog in nature.

    Eat healthy – enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables.

    Prioritize sleep – stick to a schedule if/when you can.

    Limit news – enough said.

    Find sources of humor – watch funny videos or listen to an uplifting podcast.

    Practice gratitude.

    Connect with loved ones or reach out to help others.

    Do something you enjoy – a new or old hobby or activity that brings you joy.

    Ask for help when needed. How do you know if it’s time to ask? If the problems in your life are preventing you from functioning well or feeling good, help from a professional therapist may be the right option for you. You don’t have to wait until you’re experiencing a full crisis to start counseling. Receive support today and come up with a plan with your counselor to get on track to good health.

    You might also consider a mental health screening. Online screening tools may help you in your decision to reach out to a mental health provider (such as a doctor or a therapist) who can give you a full assessment and talk with you about next steps.

    Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength and courage. You don’t have to go through this alone. Our licensed, professional counselors will take time to understand and support your path towards healing. Learn more about services.


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