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    Daily pause

    As we move through this extended time of sheltering in place, the days are running together. Our minds are a little foggy. We are overloaded with new roles and changing information. And we’re doing it all from home. Meditation, or turning your full attention to God, can be an especially helpful friend right now. Starting a new habit isn’t always easy, but here’s a free Christian app that will walk you through a reset process that’s focused on God’s goodness and care.

    One Minute Pause offers a single, one-minute mindful pause twice a day read by author and therapist John Eldredge. After completing a number of short pauses, you can move on to longer three-, five- or 10-minute options. These pauses are designed to help you quiet anxiety and return your focus to truth and rest.

    This is a simple way to connect with God in the middle of your day. We hope it helps ground you in faith at this difficult time.


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