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    Stretching the way we think

    Over time thought habits have been learned or created by children and adults. We may not even realize how frequently we engage in negative thinking patterns. Katherine Failor, MSW, LISW-S, outpatient and home-based mental health therapist at Encompass said, “Recognizing and correcting unhealthy ways of thinking can greatly improve your outlook on yourself, others and the world.” She uses this approach in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with her clients daily to help them make positive changes.

    The Child Mind Insitute offers 11 common categories for negative thought patterns as well as ways to restructure your thoughts and then be able to help someone else do the same.

    “The goal is to model for your children that we all make thinking mistakes and the act of noticing them and making corrections with levity and self-compassion is usually the best medicine.” –Jeff DeRoche, LCSW, a clinical social worker at Child Mind Institute

    Katherine recommends the children’s book “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It” by educator and psychologist Dr. JoAnn Deak. This fun picture book will help your favorite kiddo learn more about their amazing brain and how it can grow and change in healthy, helpful ways. You might also enjoy watching this read aloud on YouTube.

    If you or your child need support to overcome negative thought patterns, our clinicians are here to help. Connect with us today.


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