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    Josie’s triumph

    Christian Children’s Home of Ohio (CCHO), the parent organization of Encompass is celebrating 50 years of ministry this year! Throughout 2019, we will be sharing 50 Stories for 50 Years of Ministry to demonstrate the transformational work God has done through our family of ministries (CCHO, Encourage Foster Care and Encompass Christian Counseling).

    Story 7 from our series takes us to One Heart Stables on the Wooster Campus of CCHO where Encompass Equine Therapist Krista Overmire, LCPC, engages the help of horses to show clients like Josie their true worth in Christ.

    During her first session, Josie’s goal was to meet each of the therapy horses and pick the one that would become her equine partner. She met our elegant Thoroughbred Adam, our charming Arabian Magic, our gentle Quarter Horse Blue, and our sweet Paint Sunny. But it was Moses who caught and held Josie’s attention. Moses is our Draft cross who has been known to nibble on coat pockets and hair, open his stall door when nobody is looking, and playfully throw his bridle across the aisleway when his stall window is open. Our theory in equine therapy is that people will pick the horse that they truly need; it turns out that Josie did just that.

    Read Josie’s full story and celebrate God’s transformative work in the arena.


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