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    Teaching kids their worth

    Children cultivate their value through the implicit and explicit messages they receive. We send messages of their worth through our behavior when we listen and respond to their needs. Children experience their worth within safe and caring relationships. We can affirm messages through words and pictures. Rebecca Ryder, MA, NCC, LPCC-S, Assistant Regional Program Director recommends two children’s books that caregivers can read with their kids about their unique and wonderful qualities.

    I Like Myself” by Karen Beaumont is filled with whimsical illustrations and rhyming narratives to help our youngest kids begin to understand all the big and little things that make them awesome. You and your little one may also enjoy giggling along with this book as a read aloud.

    You Are Special” by Max Lucado is a beautifully illustrated fable-like story featuring a community of wooden people called the Wemmicks. Follow Punchinello on his journey from worry to joy as he learns how special he truly is. He discovers that his worth is not found through the praise or cruelty of others, but rather by spending time with his maker. This thoughtful story mirrors our relationship with God and is valuable for all ages to hear.

    At Encompass, our hope is that kids (and grownups too) experience their worth in Christ. As God’s creation, we all have value because He made us, loves us and has plans for us. Each one of us has something to share and something to say. We hope these books will help you engage in dialogue with the children in your life.


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