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    Respite services

    Encompass is pleased to offer a new respite care program that provides therapeutic relief and time-limited breaks to families and other caregivers in partnership with Encourage Foster Care.

    Families caring for youth with mental health and behavior challenges may benefit from space to refresh and reset. Respite services through Encourage offer therapeutic care for youth and help caregivers stay healthy and ready to continue caring for their loved ones.

    1. Respite care provides short-term, temporary relief for families.

    2. Respite care for youth may be planned in advance or used in response to emergency care needs.

    3. Respite care is provided in the home of a licensed Encourage foster family with locations in northeast Ohio counties.

    Encourage’s respite services are available to youth enrolled in a CareSource health plan and who meet the following criteria:

    1. State of Ohio resident under the age of 18

    2. Has a qualifying mental health diagnosis

    3. Is not in a foster care placement

    If the youth doesn’t meet program criteria, but would benefit from similar services, consider contacting CareSource member services (per CareSource ID card) or your local county Family and Children First Council.

    Learn more about Encourage’s respite program and submit your respite request through the online portal. All requests will be reviewed to determine eligibility within 24-48 hours of submission.

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