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    Psychiatric care complements counseling and case management

    In addition to counseling and case management services, Encompass also includes outpatient psychiatric care as part of our service array. These services are available through our clinical partners at Christian Children’s Home of Ohio (CCHO) so that your mental health care is streamlined and connected. CCHO Clinical Director Emily Frazier, LISW-S, shares more about psych services and how clients benefit.

    Psychiatric services complement counseling and/or case management by addressing brain chemistry that coping skills and emotional regulation strategies cannot. Psychiatric services often utilize medication to help balance brain chemistry. This often helps make traditional counseling or case management services more effective.

    The option of outpatient psychiatric services is explored when:

    1. an underlying mental health condition is discovered (usually through a mental health assessment or therapeutic process)

    2. there is significant struggle in functioning across several life areas (school, home, community settings)

    3. traditional therapy services are only marginally effective

    The CCHO psychiatric team focuses heavily on connection with clients and their families. You can expect a warm, caring professional who has your best interest in mind. Our providers are conservative with medication and seek to utilize the least amount of medication necessary to achieve improved functioning.

    Team approach to care In preparation for a treatment session, encourage children to be open/honest about their struggles, thoughts and feelings. Our psychiatric staff is highly trained and receive feedback from many sources to help understand and support the client in as many ways as they can. We believe parents/caregivers are the experts on their kids. Taking a team approach, we utilize open collaboration and communication to determine what works well for clients and their families.

    Receiving services from one health provider The clinical team across our family of ministries works hard to collaborate and communicate. We have internal communication systems established to ensure that our psychiatric staff is aware of and ‘in the loop’ with treatment services provided to the client (through counseling/therapy/case management). Likewise, our psychiatric providers communicate back to the therapist/treatment team after appointments to inform them of medication changes, therapy themes and ways to support/follow up. This promotes continuity of care and excellent collaborative services. Having these services housed together improves overall client care.

    Eligibility for psychiatric services Historically, our family of ministries has primarily focused on psychiatric services for youth. However, with the addition of another psychiatric provider, we are able to engage more adults into these services. To be eligible for outpatient psychiatric services, you must have a therapist/case manager through any of our service ministries (CCHO, Encourage, Encompass or One Heart Stables). Additionally, insurance is helpful to ensure continuity of care, however, sliding-fee scales are available for clients who are uninsured or whose insurance benefits do not cover psychiatric services.

    Service location Outpatient psychiatric services are available at the Encompass/CCHO clinical offices on Armstrong Road in Wooster. Due to the health pandemic, sessions are currently taking place through a secure online format.

    For additional information about psych services, please connect with your therapist or case manager.


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