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Self-perception exercise

Today’s mental health minute is a getting-to-know-you exercise. It’s a go-to for initial visits with youth for Shawn Pedani, LISW-S, Director of Regional Services for Encompass Christian Counseling and Encourage Foster Care. All you need is a piece of blank paper (standard copy paper or notebook paper will do) and something to draw with (crayon, pen, marker, etc.).

Step 1: Take a piece of paper and fold it in half so you have four separate areas. Step 2: On the front, draw how you see yourself. Step 3: On the next side, draw a picture of how you think others see you. Step 4: On the next side, draw how you would like others to see you. Step 5: On the back, draw a picture of how God sees you.

Shawn has found this to be a great way to assess a client’s self-perception and begin the conversation with him or her about this topic. You might try this activity with a child or friend to better understand where they are coming from. You may also do the exercise yourself to discover something new about your own belief system.

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