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    Recovery Month

    Anna Sprowls, SUD Coordinator, answers questions about Recovery Month, why it's so important and how Encompass comes alongside our clients on their journey to recovery.

    Q1: What is Recovery Month?

    Recovery Month was established in 1989 to raise awareness and express pride in the substance use recovery community. Recovery Month was also created to take note of and support the dedication of service providers for individuals who are both in recovery and working to recover. Recovery Month does so by promoting new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices. Lastly, it was created to celebrate the communities who support and make recovery of all types possible.

    Q2: Why is Recovery Month Important?

    Recovery Month is important because it celebrates those who have put in the hard work toward recovery and reminds them that they are supported, and their needs are recognized. Recognizing those individuals in recovery can remind others that recovery is possible, and help is available. Recovery Month is also important because raising awareness about substance use disorders promotes education about substance abuse, therefore reducing stigma and discrimination. Reducing stigma and discrimination can lead to a greater availability of treatment and recovery services.

    Q3: How Does Encompass Help Others on Their Path to Recovery?

    Encompass has many skilled and competent therapists, case managers, and loving service providers who create safe spaces for individuals to find substance use education, evidence-based treatment, and connections to community resources to aid in recovery. Encompass also supports individuals on their path to recovery by helping them experience their worth in Christ. Encompass can help individuals recognize how being loved unconditionally and supported non-judgmentally can aid in the path to recovery.

    Q4: What is One Important Thing You Think People Should Know about Recovery?

    Recovery is hard work. But, just like anything that is difficult in life, it is worth it. Recovery is not linear; it has many ups and downs that can make it feel impossible at times. However, we as clinicians and loving service providers have the unique opportunity to show grace and love to every individual we see, whether they are in recovery or not. We have the ability to make a difference in their lives and remind them that recovery is possible.

    Our Family of Ministries Wearing Purple for Recovery Month


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