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    Control or connection

    Our team of Encompass Equine Therapists has received valuable training from The Natural Lifemanship Institute. This trauma-informed organization is focused on healing through relationship. Their annual conference, held virtually this year, was themed Interconnected. “When the future is uncertain, staying grounded becomes both necessary and transformational––for each of us, as well as our clients and horses.” Today on the blog, Melissa McMullen, LSW, highlights an important concept from the conference that many of us need to be reminded of.

    “Attachment wounds often show up as control. We tell ourselves, ‘I won’t let that happen again,’ so we control. Which doesn’t allow for connection.”

    This quote from conference speaker Jim Harlow, MA, LPC, really resonated with me. It also happens to be where a lot of my clients are currently working right now. Attempting to control is a common, self-protecting response to pain that so many of us experience. We often feel the need to try and control what we can now, because of what we could not control before. However, when we become entrenched in this thought, we miss out on the opportunity to feel authentic and deep connection with ourselves and others.

    Here at One Heart Stables, we partner with clients and horses to explore true, healthy connection within relationships. As we walk with clients through their healing process, we aim to help them discover their worth and find healing through connection, not control, with themselves and others.

    When exploring ways to increase healthy connection, consider exploring improved connection with self as a potential first step. This oftentimes can look like engaging in self-care activities, completing a grounding or mindfulness activity such as sensory-checks or body-scans, or reaching out to formal or informal supports in the form of friendships or counseling services.

    Equine therapy is available for youth and adults at One Heart Stables located in Wooster. To learn more and inquire about services, please visit


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