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    Case management adds a layer of support

    At Encompass, we work as a team and with community partners to provide wrap-around care for children and families. We offer case management services in addition to traditional counseling because we desire to see each person succeed in their environment. This added layer of support helps make lasting change for the whole family, including foster families.

    Our case managers come alongside children/parents/caregivers to reinforce therapy work and empower families to handle life’s challenges. Case managers support students and families at home, school, court, medical appointments and more.

    Services will look different for each client as they are tailored to meet the specific needs of the child and family. Here are just a few of the ways we provide care and increase stability.

    1. Reinforcing therapy: modeling and practicing new concepts and skills in relationships.

    2. Education: teaching skills in a variety of areas including budgeting, job hunting, parenting, problem-solving.

    3. School support: sounding board for IEPs/teacher conferences as well as academic guidance and resources.

    4. Service linkage: connection with community resources and supports to meet core needs such as housing, food, back-to-school supplies.

    We care deeply about the growth of our clients. By listening and learning, we build trust and identify solutions together. For more information about case management services, please contact us today.


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