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    Soup for the grieving soul

    Talking about emotions doesn’t come naturally to everyone. We don’t always have the vocabulary to name or describe our feelings. Sometimes emotions are strong, overwhelming or just plain hard. Having a tool such as a book or a story can be a helpful way to start a conversation.

    Rebecca Ryder, MA, NCC, LPCC-S, Assistant Regional Program Director finds the book “Tear Soup” by Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen to be a strong resource for anyone experiencing the emotions of grief and loss. This picture book offers a simple story line of an older woman named Grandy who makes a special recipe as a way to process her grief. The book points out that people can grieve many different things, that everyone’s grief looks different, and that grief takes time.

    This modern-day fable is a great tool for adults to share with children but you may also find it uplifting in your own personal mourning journey.


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