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    Considering counseling for the first time

    Whether you’re experiencing midwinter blues, feeling the weight of a challenging relationship, or discouraged from hitting your pandemic wall, there are many valid reasons to seek support for your mental wellbeing. You don’t need to have a mental health diagnosis to talk with a therapist. Our clinical team helps individuals navigate parenting, marriage struggles, work situations, grief and many other relatable stressors.

    Some of our clients choose to come for a short series of sessions; others decide that ongoing therapy makes life more manageable. Still others have made progress in their sessions and come for maintenance appointments to ensure long-term growth. You and your therapist can decide together what works best for you.

    If you’re considering therapy for the first time, you may be hesitant or unsure of what to expect. In a recent blog post, Rebecca Ryder, MA, NCC, LPCC-S, Encompass Assistant Regional Program Director, offers insight into the counseling experience:

    “Therapists are meant to meet you where you are, come alongside, and provide a positive regard for you and your journey. They provide an objective “container” for your story and empathize with the impact it has on your life and functioning . . . They advocate, encourage, connect you to appropriate resources and supports, and explore barriers to your progress on goals and desires.”

    Learning more about therapy may be your next right step. “What’s the first session like?” “Do I need to prepare?” “What if my therapist judges me?” This article answers these common questions and more. You’ll also find frequently-asked questions on our website. Our desire is for you to feel comfortable and confident in receiving services.

    Know that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather, it demonstrates strength and courage. By reaching out, you are saying that you are ready to make a change. We would be honored to come alongside you and find solutions together.


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