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    “A Little Scribble Spot” read-aloud

    Abby Fischer, LISW, a school-based therapist with Encompass, created a read-aloud video of a wonderful book called “A Little Scribble Spot: A Story About Colorful Emotions,” by Diane Alber. We’re happy to share this book that focuses on our complex emotions and how difficult it can be to deal with them – especially for kids but also for adults. See the video below, followed by Abby’s thoughts on the book.

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    I discovered the book, “A Little Scribble Spot”, when I was looking for creative resources to keep kids engaged and interested in Telehealth services. “A Little Scribble Spot” uses simple, effective and creative ways to educate its readers by highlighting emotions with descriptive language and colorful illustrations. It uses these tools to demonstrate how experiencing different emotions at the same time is common and okay as long as they do not overwhelm us! Emotions are some of the easiest, yet most complicated things to understand about ourselves and others. The use of color and scribbles in the story really supports effective ways to sort out the overwhelming emotions the reader may be feeling.

    While I feel as if the author, Diane Alber, wrote this story with the intention of educating young people, it is probably equally as beneficial for adults as well. My first time reading the book, I was pleasantly surprised by how much it helped me reflect and learn about myself! Prior to reading, I had not given myself time to truly reflect on how much the stressors of missing my routine, my friends, my family and all the little, simple, everyday things really caused my emotions to grow and tangle.

    I hope this book helps others to begin the process of sorting through their own tangle of emotions that may be caused by these trying times. Please take time to learn, reflect and ask for help if you need it!

    Encompass school-based therapists are contracted to provide mental health therapy in the following districts: Orrville, Norwayne, Smithville and Triway. Students are referred to school-based services by school staff members after consulting with the students’ parent(s) or guardian(s). Referrals are based on academic, behavioral or emotional needs. The school-based therapist role can fluctuate between providing mental health therapy, service coordination, resource linkage, providing classroom support, skill building and providing education to students, families and staff. If you are interested in learning more about school-based counseling services, our therapists are taking new referrals! If your child attends one of the districts listed above, please reach out to their individual guidance counselor for more information to access the program. In addition to her role as a school-based therapist in the Triway Local School District, Abby is also a coach and Ohuddle mentor.


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