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    COVID-19 Resources

    As we continue in this challenging time due to the coronavirus, we at Encompass Christian Counseling want to be a resource of hope and encouragement to you and your loved ones.

    We understand that your routine is off.

    That your emotions may have more ups and downs than your usual.

    We know that your roles and relationships are being stretched.

    You’re probably feeling disconnected in this time of social distancing.

    You are navigating uncharted territory. And you are not alone.

    Taking care of yourself, and that includes your mental health, is really important right now. Drinking water, getting exercise, eating healthy, prioritizing sleep, limiting news, staying connected to loved ones, doing something you enjoy, reaching out to help others. Each of these simple things are helpful to your perspective and wellbeing.

    In the days and weeks ahead, we will be sharing tips and resources on this page from our experienced clinicians to help support and encourage during these uncertain times. Check back frequently for our latest information.

    Linger in the psalms


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    Coronavirus safety update


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    Making your family’s back-to-school decision


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    Stretching the way we think


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    Summer and school resources


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    A softer way


    “Try Softer,” the debut release from Christian therapist Aundi Kolber, is a gift for those of us who have run ourselves ragged chasing...

    Looking for courage


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    As we collectively persevere


    Rebecca Ryder, MA, NCC, LPCC-S, Encompass Assistant Regional Program Director, shares her thoughts on mental health and persevering...

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