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    Complete the form below to start sponsoring a therapy horse today. Sponsorship payments may be made monthly ($125), quarterly ($375), or annually ($1,500).

    Sponsor a Therapy Horse

    You can help children and adults experience true connection, increase their self-worth and build critical life skills when you sponsor the care of a One Heart Stables therapy horse.

    One Heart Stables (OHS) therapy horses serve the youth residents at Christian Children’s Home of Ohio as well as clients of all ages through Encompass Christian Counseling. To provide safe and effective equine-assisted psychotherapy services for 300 annual clients, it is imperative that our therapy horses be happy, healthy and reliable.

    When you sponsor a therapy horse, you are giving excellent care to a horse who is providing therapeutic support and you are helping more children and adults experience their worth in Christ.

    The OHS Horse Sponsors provide for the high-quality care of these horses including farrier/shoes, veterinary care, chiropractic care, supplements, dewormer and other indirect costs such as utilities and facilities maintenance. Note: Grain and bedding is generously donated to OHS.

    This level of care benefits the horses’ wellbeing. The better care these therapeutic horses receive, the better they will able to help clients achieve their goals.

    The average cost of caring for one horse at OHS is $1,500 annually. Sponsorship payments may be made monthly, quarterly, or annually.

    Sponsor one therapy horse for one year and receive:

    • A tax-deductible gift receipt

    • Name on horse’s stall sign

    • Name on stables web page

    • Horse meet and greet to be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time with stables staff

    • Horse bio, photo and client story

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