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    Counseling Awareness Month

    Encompass Christian Counseling and our family of ministries is filled with licensed professional counselors who help children and adults achieve their goals through empathy, insight and faith. We are deeply grateful for the contributions of our agency’s counselors throughout the year and acknowledge them especially this month in observance of Counseling Awareness Month.

    Our organization utilizes counselors in homes, offices, schools, courtrooms and stables. In the midst of a global pandemic, our compassionate counselors are rising to the challenge and helping more people experience their worth. Their creativity and collaboration in problem solving and resource connecting is inspiring. They are building trust and safety to care for those who are hurting.

    “As a mental and behavioral health agency, counseling is at the heart of connecting with our clients,” said Kevin Hewitt, CCHO President & CEO. “Our incredible staff are breaking down barriers and opening doors for people to find healing.”

    Statistics from the US Department of Labor indicate that more than 665,500 counselors work in agencies, schools, organizations, private practice, personal and health care delivery systems and other settings. Our counseling team members work with individuals and families across the life span and are a vital member of the cadre of professional human service providers working alongside psychiatrists, social workers and other helping professionals.

    Our multi-site agency staff includes 29 licensed professional counselors who serve others with leadership and kindness in this imperative ministry career. They diligently work on behalf of others in need, and their relentless commitment makes healing possible for children, adults and families.

    Learn more about careers and culture within Encompass and our family of ministries.


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